Episode Six
Series 1 Episode 6
BBC transmission date Sun 27 Oct 2013
Duration 60 Minutes
Director Mark Everest
Producer Tim Key
Writer Tony Jordan
Credits See List
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The team find themselves in a race against time to prevent a deadly new drug targeted at teenagers from flooding the country. The man behind the supply of the drug is one of Britain's most dangerous criminals, a sociopath with no limits and no conscience. Jack and the gang are faced with their most perilous task to date and one that will leave more than one life hanging in the balance.

Full SynopsisEdit

By Any Means concludes with an explosive finale as Jack Quinn and his team’s lives are in great danger. When gangland thug Jamie Caine brutally murders a young boy in broad daylight, he is jailed on the testament of key witness, Simon. However, when Simon suspiciously withdraws his statement, Caine is allowed to walk free. Outraged, Helen acts against direct orders and calls in Jack and his team.

Former cage fighter and Caine’s wing man, Paul Bates, has organised a major drug deal for Caine while he’s been in custody. The drug, known as ‘2C-9’ is a hallucinogen that Caine and Bates have been marketing to children. Now free, Caine is just waiting for the ‘go ahead’ to make the multi-million-pound deal and the team know this is their only chance to nail him red-handed.

The only conceivable ‘in’ is with Caine’s vulnerable and much younger girlfriend, Robin, persuading her to be their informant. However, with Robin being an old friend of Charlie’s, the case is becoming a little too personal than the team would like.

As Charlie’s concerns grow, Robin is soon compromised and it becomes clear that Caine is fully aware of her betrayal. As he tries to rescue her, Charlie soon loses all contact with the team and they start to fear the worst. With the drug shipment imminent, Jack and the team must hijack the deal and hang Caine out to dry, but Charlie’s life is on the line...


Jack Quinn Warren Brown
Jessica Jones Shelley Conn
Thomas 'TomTom' Tomkins Andrew-Lee Potts
Charlie O'Brien Elliot Knight
Helen Barlow Gina McKee
Paul Banks Doug Allen
Robin Tyler Madeline Duggan
Jamie Caine Nick Moran
Damien Foster Adrian Rawlins
Andy James Farrar
Simon Nicholas Chambers
Norman Nick Holder