Episode Five
Series 1 Episode 5
BBC transmission date Sun 20 Oct 2013
Duration 60 Minutes
Director Mark Everest
Producer Tim Key
Writer James Payne
Credits See List
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When an innocent man is killed in cold blood and the murderer released by MI5 in the interests of national security, it becomes the team's mission to ensure that the killer doesn't walk free. In his quest for justice, Jack comes up with a daring plan and breaks a violent criminal out of prison. But could this decision prove to be one of Jack's biggest mistakes?

Full SynopsisEdit

The team of covert crime fighters delves into a high-risk world of drugs and thugs. During an organised drug deal, underhand criminal Ahmed Demir shoots and kills innocent onlooker Arthur Rose. However, rather than being charged with murder, Ahmed is given the option by MI5 chief Charles Napier of informing on his terrorist connections in exchange for his freedom. With Helen concerned that this enables Ahmed to evade justice for Arthur Rose’s murder, she calls in Jack and the team.

Under strict protection, Ahmed is not only untouchable, but untraceable too. To help track him down, Jess goes undercover as a single Mum to get information from Ahmed’s solicitor and with the aid of a little helper, she manages to trace him. With their target located, the team begins to hatch a plan to catch Ahmed unawares.

After discovering that old friend and fellow criminal Mehmet Aybar was betrayed by Ahmed and holds a grudge, the team decides to use him as a threat. The only catch is, in order to use Mehmet, the team must break him out from prison, but with 55 prison officers and 37 locks and gates in their way, it is a tough ask. With the stakes so high, will the team be able to use Mehmet to intimidate Ahmed into giving a confession?


Jack Quinn Warren Brown
Jessica Jones Shelley Conn
Thomas 'TomTom' Tomkins Andrew-Lee Potts
Charlie O'Brien Elliot Knight
Helen Barlow Gina McKee
Ahmed Demir Ashraf Barhom
Mehmet Aybar Stewart Scudamore
Charles Napier David Harewood
DCI Whale Karl Collins
Tanya Rhodes Caroline Chikezie
Phillip Mathieson Ray MacAllan
Robbie Fitchet Mem Ferda
Dean Tom Andrews
Arthur Rose Derek Hutchinson