Episode Four
Series 1 Episode 4
BBC transmission date Sun 13 Oct 2013
Duration 60 Minutes
Director Menhaj Huda
Producer Tim Key
Writer Jeff Povey
Credits See List
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Jack and the gang resort to desperate measures in an attempt to catch their slipperiest suspects to date, a seemingly ordinary middle-class couple who have embezzled millions of pounds from charity.

Full SynopsisEdit

Action-packed series By Any Means continues with another tough case for the team of covert crime fighters. Former Bank Finance Director Sally Walker and her retired MP husband, Lawrence Walker, have been cleared of stealing three million pounds from their children’s charity fund. Helen is convinced the Walkers have taken the money for themselves, and after witnessing two good police officers unjustly sacked for pursuing the matter, she calls Jack and the team in to intervene.

Tom Tom embarks on the timely task of scouring cyberspace to uncover where and how the Walkers have hidden the money. With endless trails to track, the rest of the team hatches a back-up plan, bugging the couple’s house in an attempt to get their hands on a recorded confession.

Meanwhile, persistent journalist Hollie Goodridge is also investigating the case. Emotionally attached to the children benefitting from the charity, she will stop at nothing to prove the Walkers’ guilt. However, when she publicly humiliates the couple, she inadvertently puts the team’s operation in great danger.

The team are forced to take drastic action and kidnap Lawrence Walker, demanding a ransom from his wife in order to find where she’s hidden the money. However if she doesn’t crack and hand over the money, the team will be caught carrying out a major criminal offence and face serious repercussions...


Jack Quinn Warren Brown
Jessica Jones Shelley Conn
Thomas 'TomTom' Tomkins Andrew-Lee Potts
Charlie O'Brien Elliot Knight
Helen Barlow Gina McKee
Sally Walker Harriet Walter
Laurence Walker Michael Maloney
Hollie Goodridge Amy Nuttall
DI Bates Rowena King
Assistant Commissioner Alison Newman
DS Flint Stephen Taylor