Sally Walker

Played by Harriet Walter

First Seen: Series 1 Episode 4
Last Seen: Series 1 Episode 4
Position: Criminal

Sally Walker is the fourth criminal who Jack and the gang are after to get the bad guys off the streets. Seemingly ordinary middle-class couple who have embezzled millions of pounds from charity.


Former Bank Finance Director Sally Walker and her retired MP husband, Lawrence Walker, have been cleared of stealing three million pounds from their children’s charity fund. Bugging the couple’s house in an attempt to get their hands on a recorded confession.

After having her husband kidnapped by the gang being told not to ring the police she put's the money first before her husband as that attempt did not go to plan as they got arrested when they come back out they put a smoke machine at the back door which they then went downstairs as Sally ran back inside and got the money from under her sofa, she was then arrested.