Phillip Granger

Played by Christopher Villiers

First Seen: Series 1 Episode 3
Last Seen: Series 1 Episode 3
Position: Criminal

Phillip Granger is the third criminal who Jack and the gang are after to get the bad guys off the streets. He deliberately burnt down a building that he owns to the ground and eighteen people are killed.


Wealthy businessman seeks diplomatic immunity in the Colombian Embassy in London. Phillip Granger is responsible for a fire that killed dozens - now Jack and the gang face the impossible challenge of getting him back on British soil without causing an international incident.

Despite all those interviewed naming ruthless property developer Philip Granger as the brains behind the job, the police are unable to intervene as he takes refuge in the Colombian Embassy.

With the embassy not officially on UK soil and security ramped up to maximum, no one can touch Philip while he is hiding out there. With the Colombian ambassador an old school friend, a political approach is also useless and it seems Granger is going nowhere.

Will the team be able to turn Philip over to the police without breaking any political boundaries and causing an international backlash?