Joe Tyrus

Played by Neil Maskell

First Seen: Series 1 Episode 2
Last Seen: Series 1 Episode 2
Position: Ex-policeman & Criminal

Joe Tyrus is the second criminal who Jack and the gang are after to get the bad guys off the streets. A young girl is murdered in what is apparently an open and shut case, but Helen is convinced that all is not as it seems, and calls on the help of Jack and his team to prove that an innocent man has been set up by a disgruntled former policeman, who will stop at nothing in his quest for vengeance.


When a young girl’s body is found in the car boot of well-respected Judge Peter Hopkins, the evidence for the girl’s murder all seems to point to him.

Helen believes that Peter has been framed by ex-policeman Joe Tyrus, who holds a personal vendetta against him. Seeing the destructive effect the girl’s murder has had on her family, the gang are spurred on to achieve justice. Will they be able to get Joe to reveal the truth and prove Peter’s innocence?